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This is a site dedicated in providing a complete overview of popular U.S. Immigration eBooks!

Immigration procedures can be quite challenging and stressful. But the time for figuring out complicated immigration processes are over! Immigration eBooks are the best resource option available for any U.S. immigration process. provides a comprehensive list of the most popular current U.S. Immigration eBooks available.

Immigration eBooks cover in depth step by step on what individuals can expect during the immigration application process. Each e-book is designed with table of contents, glossary of terms & abbreviations, qualifications, eligibility requirements, detail overview of the application process and provides guidance on how to complete the immigration forms accurately and completely. All United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms are included in the e-book of your choice.

The immigration eBooks we provide cover a wide range of topics.

Obtaining an U.S. Green Card through:
  • An immediate family member
  • Employment
  • Marriage

  • Obtaining Student and Visitor Visas, such as a:
  • B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa
  • F-1 Student Visa
  • J-1 Visa

  • Obtaining Non-immigrant Work Visas, such as a(n):
  • L-1 Visa
  • H-1B Visa
  • TN Visa
  • E1/E2 Visa
  • H-3 Visa
  • R-1 Visa
  • O-1 Visa

  • Immigration attorneys can be very expensive. Investing in an Immigration eBook will save you a significant amount of money in legal fees by submitting your own application with the guidance of Immigration eBooks. Each ebook contains very thorough information and guidance about the particular immigration process by topic. These ebooks should be considered a valuable resource reference and not be considered legal advice.

    Each ebook listed on offers the title and description of ebook by applicable category of interest. We also offer an immigration eBook that covers How to Come to the U.S.A: Strategies on how to Visit, Work and Study in America.

    Our goal at is provide you detailed guides that will help alleviate some of the challenge and stress that comes with U.S. Immigration topics.

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